About Ruth

Ruth is the founder of Hearth Coaching & Consulting, LLC, has been a business consultant/executive coach (in China and the U.S.) for the past 15 years and an attorney for nearly a decade.

A successful, bold and independent woman with a story of personal transformation in the pursuit of her dreams that will inspire you to achieve yours.

Her Story

As a survivor of domestic violence Ruth was once left homeless, pregnant and with no one to help her. However, despite all the adversities and constant temptation to give up, she kept going and decided to move to the US in the pursuit of her J.D. degree empowered by a new vision for her and her son’s future.

While getting her J.D., she worked two part-time jobs and, over the years as a single mom, deal with the tantrums, the sleepless nights, the teenage outbursts, Ruth graduated, passed the bar, started working as an attorney to help other people, and watched her son grow and her life take a new shape.

The Big Idea

There are moments in life that become pivotal – unexpected and, at times, truly life-changing.

In Ruth’s case, that moment happened when someone at the Toastmasters Club shared her journey to become a coach during a speech. Ruth was hooked. She’d found her passion.

Her mind drifted off, creating countless scenarios, envisioning herself working as a coach and picturing the lives she’d touch until the word “Hearth” came to her mind.

It would eventually become the name of her coaching business – the place where leaders gather, communities are formed and change happens.  

 Hearth Coaching is designed for entrepreneurs, business and community leaders who have big dreams, powerful visions and are passionate about making a meaningful contribution and living fulfilling lives.

To do so, Ruth uses an approach that is focused on developing clients holistically and encouraging them to be who they are and take the necessary steps to become who they want to be.

It’s place just like a harmonious family. A place where everyone is supportive and there’s always an upbeat atmosphere where transformation can happen and lives can gain a new shape.

Ruth is the living proof that circumstances don’t define people and that the life you envision is attainable with the right strategies, actions and transformational process.

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