Develop an Athlete Attitude

Perform at Your Peak


Hearth Coaching’s 1:1 coaching is ideal for entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and community leaders who have strong ambitions to perform at their peak – for their companies, for their vision, for their communities.

Ruth Qi is the founder of Hearth Coaching & Consulting, LLC, she is a business consultant and executive coach with 15+ years of experience in China and the US motivating leaders, strategizing, and boosting professional and personal results. 

Average Performance Doesn’t Cut It

1:1 Coaching

Each session will focus on vision, mindset, strategy, performance and results.

You will develop the attitude and drive of an Olympian athlete ready to execute your vision and goals swiftly.

Ruth will help you blast through glass ceilings, strategically overcome roadblocks, and energize you with her no-nonsense approach, honest feedback and experience in fast-paced environments to help you perform at your peak and achieve your goals, personally and professionally.

Become an Athlete in the Game of Life
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